Ingrid Starnes X Fiona Mackay Hellebore candle, ceramic, sage


Fiona Mackay x Ingrid Starnes Candles.

We have collaborated with Auckland based ceramic artist Fiona Mackay for these limited edition candle vessels. Each holder is thrown by hand, trimmed on the wheel, glazed and fired in Fiona’s home studio. The creation of these beakers are an art in and of itself.

They are then sent off to the candle makers where each vessel is hand poured with hand made, all natural perfumed botanical wax.

This beautiful ceramic beaker can be enjoyed well after the candle has finished burning. Based off a beaker we drink coffee from at home, it can also double as a vase to hold your favourite flowers. This is a ceramic to be collected and loved for years to come.

The scent has camphor notes and makes for an unsettling beguiling floral.

270gms, 60+ hours burn time.

Available in four colours: alabaster, charcoal, sage, and washed blue.