Vetyver Bergamotroll-on

Vetyver Bergamot, Eau De Parfum, Roll-on


An intense eau de parfum of the modern classic Vetyver Bergamot fragrance.

Vetyver, an other-worldly mystical scent, heady and intoxicating. Bergamot, the citrus flower that is fresh and green, grapefruit and lime.

These fragrances are designed as a family of three, the other 2 fragrances are Arcadia and Hellebore. All three can be layered to create your own personal fragrance and available as a set of three for $180.

There is no animal testing of our products or the oils we use.

20% perfume concentration.

Enclosed in a new 10ml volume roll-on glass vessel

Made in New Zealand

Store below 30C/86F