Eau De Parfum trial

Eau De Parfum trial

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How would you like our three perfumes to turn up at your home or work for you to try for a week?

We really would love you to try our beautiful bespoke glass roll-on perfumes, but we understand it’s not easy to buy a perfume online without trying it.

So we’ve created this special trial offer, where for $20 we send you a luxury Vetyver Bergamot soap ($20RRP) to keep, and our three roll-on perfumes to try, postage included.

Once you’ve enjoyed them for a week they are easy to return in the same envelope we sent them in. Or you can choose to keep them. We include a code for a special rate through the website.

Easy as can be. We hope you’ll enjoy the chance to try, reflect and live with the roll-ons and fall in love with them as much as we have.

Pack includes: One Vetyver Bergamot Luxury Soap ($20RRP) - for you to keep


1 X Vetyver Bergamot EDP 10ml Roll-on

1 x Arcadia EDP 10ml Roll-on

1 x Hellabore EDP 10ml Roll-on

1 x self-addressed envelope and tissue for return of the perfumes