Eau De Parfum trial

Eau De Parfum trial

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How would you like our three perfumes to turn up at your home or work for you to try for a week?

We really would love you to try our beautiful bespoke glass roll-on perfumes, but we understand it’s not easy to buy a perfume online without trying it.

So we’ve created this special trial offer, where for $20 we send you a luxury Vetyver Bergamot soap ($20RRP) to keep, and our three roll-on perfumes to try, postage included.

Once you’ve enjoyed them for a week they are easy to return in the same envelope we sent them in. Or you can choose to keep them. We include a code for a special rate through the website.

Easy as can be. We hope you’ll enjoy the chance to try, reflect and live with the roll-ons and fall in love with them as much as we have.

Pack includes: One Vetyver Bergamot Luxury Soap ($20RRP) - for you to keep


1 X Vetyver Bergamot EDP 10ml Roll-on

1 x Arcadia EDP 10ml Roll-on

1 x Hellabore EDP 10ml Roll-on

1 x self-addressed envelope and tissue for return of the perfumes



Beautiful bespoke glass 10ml roll-ons. Beguiling scents, suspended in oil and alcohol free. Keep on your person and reapply to pressure points through the day for a pop of eau de parfum.

Available as singles, or in a layerable set of three. These perfumes have been a 6 year labour of love and have taken us around the world on many an adventure.

Vetyver Bergamot was named one of the best products to come out of New Zealand by Monocle Magazine and stocked in their stores.

Vetyver Bergamot 10ml. Vetyver, an other-worldly mystical scent, heady and intoxicating. Bergamot, the citrus flower that is fresh and green, grapefruit and lime.

Hellebore 10ml. The first flower of the winter. The poison of antiquity. Camphor notes make for an unsettling beguiling floral.

Arcadia 10ml. A garden of the imagination at night, so beautiful as to be almost haunting. Dark and woody, cedar soft.

There is no animal testing of our products or the oils we use.

20% perfume concentration.

Made in New Zealand.