Baxter V-neck, cashmere, shell

Baxter V-neck, cashmere, shell

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Ingrid Starnes X Tolaga Bay collaboration. Limited Baxter V-neck cashmere jumper.

Beautiful modern shapes with classic luxury, featuring  embroidered IS monogram logo.

Tolaga Bay cashmere is crafted in New Zealand from the finest 100% cashmere down. This rare yarn has wonderful qualities of lustre, life and added length, combined with exquisite lightness. These advantages impart strength with superb softness, movement and drape adding new quality standards to the world’s most exclusive and luxurious natural fibre.

Cashmere is a natural protein fibre, which is best hand washed regularly in warm water with a little wool wash detergent or shampoo. Rinse well and spin out excess water.

Dry out of direct sunlight.

10 minutes in the tumble dryer is acceptable to finish off drying process.

Press lightly with full steam iron.

Model wears a size S.

Available in Shell and Derby.

Made in New Zealand.